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The first Musical Instruments Carousel – from the 30/01/2018 to 01/02/2018

The Musical Instruments Carousel is a fun educational activity that allows students to discover and better understand the various musical instruments of the orchestra.

This activity, developed as part of Zukunftslabor in Bremen, consists in making students circulate in small groups through a set of classrooms, where a number of musicians from the orchestra, would meet separately with students. Each musician is requested to prepare an audio-visual content to show to the students and to plays his instrument in front of them, while explaining the construction and acoustic properties of the instrument, how to play it, the musical repertoire where it is most used, etc.

Students may touch the instrument and ask the musician questions meant to help them decide which instrument they are most interested and register later in one of the instrumental and vocal practice workshops programmed, organized as part of ‘Future Lab Tunisia’.

The first ‘Carrousel’ was organized during the first week of February 2018. Students had the opportunity to discover the violin, the cello, the ‘ud, the nay, the guitar and a range of percussion instruments.

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