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February carousel in the form of open house event

Future Lab Tunisia organized February, 1st and 2nd 2019, an open house event. Percussion, ‘ûd, violin, guitar and cello workshops were opened to Ibn Khaldoun students wishing to join the project. They had the opportunity to attend classes, speak with teachers and discover musical instruments.

The Musical Instrument Carousel is a format invented by the Zukunftslkabor in Bremen. It consists of introducing students (especially new college students) to musical instruments, to discover how they are played and to learn more about their history and origins.

The goal is to arouse the curiosity of children for musical instruments and make them want to learn to play a particular instrument. The open house event allowed about thirty students to complete the registration form and move towards one of our five group instrumental workshops. In the week following their workshops they will be asked to join the big choir and the Melody of Life workshop run by artist and educator Slim Baccouche.

A year after its launch, Future Lab Tunisia has nearly 120 students who benefit each week from activities supervised by the musicians of the Tunisian National Orchestra..

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