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Music Lessons, Singer-Songwriter Workshops, ORCHESTRA REHEARSALS, CONCERTS


« Melody of Life »in Tunis.
During this event students have the chance to express their ideas artistically, accompanied
on stage by the Tunisian National Orchestra


Melody of Life

“Melody of Life” is a format which encourages students to compose their own songs and express their ideas, anxieties or hopes artistically. Supervised by professional musicians and artists, they write poems and compose melodies in order to transcend personal and sometimes difficult experiences or personal experience. Accompanied by the Tunisian National Orchestra, they perform their own songs or melodies in public.

The effect is an increased self-awareness and confidence within themselves, which helps them to find ways of dealing with challenging situations, motivates them to assume responsibility and improves their social skills. This context enables music promote thedevelopment and self-fulfilment of the students as well as universal values.

Moment of sharing

Community Opera

Future Lab is also a project that allows the school to have an impact on its environment. Through the “Community Opera” format, broader synergies are created between students, their parents, musicians, teachers, administrative staff and the neighbou¬rhood of the school, which includes members of civil society, artisans and public institutions who are to be the protagonists of the performances. Future Lab thus becomes an engine for the development of the district and goes far beyond ordinary fra¬meworks of musical education.

In Bremen, the production of a Community Opera regularly involves up to 600 people: professional musicians, pupils, teachers, residents and artists from around the world. This form of Participatory Musical Theatre has established itself as an independent genre within music education that is increasingly being replicated elsewhere – 2019 for the first time in Tunis.

According to the principle ›you always have a choice‹, everyone who wants to take part is challenged and encouraged to do so. Year in year out, over 600 people work for months on end under professional guidance both behind the scenes and on stage in either an artistic, creative, musical or logistic capacity to bring this opera project to fruition.
What is a Community Opera about? About topics and issues affecting the community! From the initial idea to the premiere, producing a Community Opera takes at least a year; enough time for all involved to delve deep into the respective topics and issues. Starting with their children’s lessons, the local residents of the neighbourhood themselves become part of the research.
The core of a Community Opera is the development of the piece. All groups are involved in this ›Work in Progress‹ including initiatives, neighbourhood groups, the local bank, the dyke association and the police. The Community Opera is written with the individual lives of its protagonists very much in mind. Musical pieces of different styles are arranged with their own lyrics to create a new composition or entire operas may be adapted to suit.

Since the advent of the Zukunftslabor in 2008 with its then still very experimental Community Opera format, this form of Participatory Musical Theatre‹ as developed by The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen has continued to establish itself as an independent genre within music education, with further projects inspired by the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen springing up all over Germany and abroad.

© Jörg Sarbach

Community Opera « Isfahan » – 2015 during which the encounter between
Kamel Lazaar and Albert Schmitt took place and the idea of a Future Lab Tunisia was born

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